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Residential Care Home

Mind The Gap

Let’s talk about the increasing demand and cost of care. As we are living longer and therefore often longer in poorer health, more & more people will require care. In the year to March 2022 the number of people living in care homes was 360,792, up from 291,000 in 2011. One in seven are expected …

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Cheap Wills

Cheap Wills – When Saving Money Costs You More

We all like a bargain, don’t we? It is quite common to see Wills being advertised “on the cheap”, at the price of an average meal down the pub. However, Will writing companies have spent money to advertise at the top of internet platforms like Google in order to sell you a Will on the …

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Sideways Disinheriting

Sideways disinheriting, when families divide

Sideways disinheriting is extremely common and can be very upsetting in the aftermath of a loved one passing. It has been highlighted by the case of Scarle vs Scarle when stepsisters battled in court to inherit their respective parents’ estate. Unfortunately, despite both losing a parent, only one stepsister would win the case, and in …

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Business LPA

Why should I set up a business LPA?

Most people understand the benefits of a lasting power of attorney and how they allow individuals to nominate someone to make decisions on their behalf if they become incapacitated in someway or do not have the ability to manage their finances. Less well known is the ability to put an LPA in place for a …

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Modern Relationships

Modern Relationships – Old Fashioned Problems

Couples choosing to cohabit should consider documenting their intentions in relation to their property and finances so both parties know from the start what their respective entitlement and rights are. As social and legal attitudes change towards marriage, whatever the rights or wrongs involved are, the implications around control of assets must be understood. With …

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Probate – When Saving Money Costs, You More

When most people are asked if they know what probate is – the normal response is a shrug of the shoulders or the thinking that it is only something that needs to be done if you die without a Will. Unless you have first-hand knowledge/experience or you work in the industry, very few people will …

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Modern Love

Modern Love, Death & Taxes

Society may have moved forward with relationships, but tax law has not. Millions of couples who have chosen to avoid tying the knot are now at risk of falling into complex legal battles to get a share of a home they’ve lived in all their lives or the wealth they’ve helped build. The numbers of …

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