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The Property Prison

The Property Prison

Is your house locked up in a trust you are not in control of? Urgent information you need to know! For the last few weeks there has been a lot of publicity in newspapers & on TV around people who have placed their properties into trust with companies that have now gone into administration or …

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Estate Planning

Estate planning for the next generation

Estate planning for the next generation: Blended families and second marriages Modern families are changing beyond the traditional structure, with needs becoming ever more complex as structures change and families grow. One example of this is when people remarry, sometimes becoming what is known as a “blended family”. These issues can add complexity to estate …

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Lasting Power of Attorney LPA

Why should I set up a business LPA?

Most people understand the benefits of a lasting power of attorney (LPA), which allows an individual to nominate someone to make decisions on their behalf, if they become incapacitated in some way. Less well known is the ability to put an LPA in place for a business, seems a sensible idea when the sudden illness …

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Inheritance Tax Relief

Can I get Inheritance Tax Relief?

Question: Can I get Inheritance Tax Relief? Answer: Yes – Education & Planning is the answer HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recently revealed that they had collected £5.5bn in Inheritance Tax (IHT) between April 2021 and February 2022. This shows that IHT has continued to “prove its worth to HMRC”, as quoted by Andrew Tully, …

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Wills & Estate Planning – What You Need to Know

Making a Will is a vital part of any estate planning exercise. Sharing wealth with family and other loved ones in the most tax-efficient way possible is a priority for most people. Their aim is to provide for partners and ensure that children are supported financially to achieve their goals, whether those include buying a …

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Marriage for tax reasons

Should I get married for tax reasons?

Traditionally the emphatic answer to this question was NO. But in recent years we have seen the increase in the number of long-term relationships where there is no marriage or civil partnership, coupled with an increasing number of divorces and second relationships all backed up by changes in the law that give increasing equality to …

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Trust Registration Changes

Trust Registration Changes – Act Now

As part of the UK government’s implementation of the 5th EU Money Laundering Directive, almost all Trusts are now required to be registered with HMRC. Trust registration is nothing new. The Trust Registration Service (TRS) has been in operation since being introduced by the Fourth Money Laundering Directive (MLD4) in 2017, and before then certain …

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