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Probate Disputes - children not flying the nest

Probate disputes: when children do not fly the nest

In most cases, a family’s property will represent a significant proportion of their estate. However, problems could arise if the deceased had allowed a child to live in the property up until their death. While the child living in the property may want to continue to do so and may not have the means to …

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Can a stepchild contest a Will

Can a stepchild contest a Will?

More and more we are seeing headlines about squabbles over an unnecessarily vast inheritance, like the arguments surrounding the (estimated) £70 million estate of Robin Williams or the £360 million estate of Prince, who shockingly died without a Will! Perhaps, you have heard of the ill-fated life of Anna Nicole Smith (a famous American model, …

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Who could make a claim against my Will?

Under the 1975 Act, a testator (a person who makes a Will), dies domiciled in England and Wales. They could be presented with a claim for reasonable provision from the following: The spouse or civil partner of the deceased; A former spouse or former civil partner who has not remarried or formed a subsequent civil …

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What is a Trust & Why Would I Need One?

Broadly speaking, a Trust is an arrangement under which property i.e., land, cash, investments or some sort of rights such as copyrights, is held by a person or organisation on behalf of one or more people. The people holding the property are called “the Trustees” and the people on whose behalf the property is held …

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Guide to Common Law Marriage

A Guide to “Common Law Marriage”

Year on year, the number of cohabiting (living together) couples continues to grow, with the proportion of people getting married slowly on the decline. As of November 2019, there were 3.5 million cohabiting couples in the UK. In this article we debunk some common myths about the rights of cohabitating couples. As the dynamic between …

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Avoiding the Disinheriting Trap Article

Avoiding the Sideways Disinheritance Trap

Understandably, many couples like to keep things straightforward when it comes to making a Will. Typically, they will want to just leave everything to their spouse or partner when they pass away. This is so they can make sure that their partner can continue to live in their home and access their finances. They probably …

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Ongoing Servicing

Foresight’s Ongoing Service, is your current Will up to date?

For those of our clients who pay an annual servicing fee we would like to remind you of the benefits of your ongoing arrangement with us and at the same time encourage you to review your Wills & Estate Planning needs, this is so your Wills can continue to reflect your wishes and current legislation, …

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