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Inheritance tax is an issue for the majority of high net worth clients and because everyone’s estates are different on how assets are held whether personal or business assets etc. it requires a different approach to the blanket cover IHT advice given by the majority of non-specialists.

Through our Partners at Insight Financial Associates and in conjunction with Foresight we can provide bespoke IHT planning for individual estates ranging from £1 million to £250 million plus.

Specialist IHT advisers from Insight are providing bespoke planning and reports tailored to each individuals estates, circumstances and family set up. We are keen to point out to clients that IHT is a voluntary tax, only paid by those who haven’t planned for it.

Undrawn pension pots can be passed free from inheritance tax, equity release schemes can help on gifting and reducing IHT liability. Whole of life insurance policies written into trust allows families to cover large IHT bills without gifting in their lifetime and being subject to 7 year rule while retaining control over all assets.

Investments or ISA’s in BPR-qualifying companies become exempt from inheritance tax after being held for just two years, provided the shares are still held at the time of death. Unlike with a gift, the investor retains control over the investment and can sell the investment and get the proceeds back if they need to.

Using these and other BPR-qualifying investments in conjunction with Business Trust Planning can make significant differences to what IHT is paid by the family.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

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Insight Financial Associates

With our forward-thinking approach and combined professional experience, Insight brings together an unrivalled ‘wealth’ of expertise and knowledge in financial services. The independent status enables us to provide an impartial and individual service to our valued clients. 

Property Investor Partnership

We are specialists in securing high yield property investment opportunities that will generate surplus income and achieve long term capital growth.  We introduce investors to Solicitors and Mortgage Brokers who specialise in investor property purchase. Our clients are supported every step of the way, from reservation through to securing the first tenant. 

Insight Private Finance

We are experts in securing finance for a broad range of properties for either residential or investment purposes. We can advise you on insurances to protect your home, income, lifestyle and for landlords to protect their property portfolios. 

Foresight Premier Law

At Foresight Premier Law our team of legal advisers are committed to building lifetime relationships with our clients, ultimately placing the future of their respective estates in a more secure position for future generations.

Foresight Estate Planning & Will Writing

We specialise in the preparation and drafting of Wills, together with a wide range of other legal services, including the setting up of Trusts (both life-time Trusts and post death Trusts) and Powers of Attorney*. 

Insight Accountancy Services

We give guidance and advice around personal or business taxation queries. We can guide you through the administration side of book-keeping and completing tax returns in a timely manner, providing security in knowing that all elements of your finances are in good order**.

*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice, wills or trusts.
**The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice.

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